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Sarah's Page

About Me
Civil War Unit
Electric Bass
My Resume

Hello!  This is the home page that I created for my EDU 2022 class.  In it you will find information about me, pictures, lessons and teaching materials I have prepared, and much more.

I have two teaching units available for viewing, one about the civil war and one about the bass guitar.  You can look at a powerpoint, find a cataloge of websites, and participate in a fun activity about the civil war, and I have another powerpoint with audio, video, and interactive links about the bass guitar.
I hope you enjoy looking around my site!


4/20/05 - Fixed Bass Guitar powerpoint, uploaded classroom newsletter, and fixed visuals of website.
4/19/05 - Added powerpoints and activity pages.
4/5/05 - Changed layout, added more content.
4/30/05 - Added content, experimented with colors.
3/29/05 - Created Web page, content coming soon!


Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.