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Civil War Unit

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Civil War Unit
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Here are some example projects, lessons, and links for use in a classroom.

Educational Power Point:
Here is a Power Point I created about the Civil War.  This was made with a 5th Grade classroom in mind, for use in conjunction with an introductory lesson to a unit about the war.

Civil War Powerpoint

Educational Links:
This is a list to a page of links concerning the Civil War.  They are for use of students or teachers, and have basic information and media that can be used in the classroom or for research.

Civil War Webpages

Activity Page:
Here is an activity that a class could do, either in class or as an assignment.  It includes the information they have learned from the lesson as well as incorporates the educational links provided for them, and is a creative way of getting students interested in the Civil War.

Civil War Diaries