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Information for students and teachers about the Civil War.

For 5th Grade Students:

This is a comprehensive, but not too difficult to understand, timeline that students could utilize for their own research and outside study.

This is a resource site made specifically for 4th and 5th graders to help them understand the civil war.

A timeline about the life and civil-war actions of Lincoln – could be used for reports by students.

This is actually a collection of pages that students can look through organized by subject.

A website called ‘Civil War for Kids’ which is exactly that; a wealth of information about the civil war geared towards younger readers.


Also geared towards kids, this is a great site with easy to understand, very well organized information.

This is a collection of diaries and other original documents about or by women in the civil war era.  This would be a great website for kids to read about the role of women in the civil war – a subject ignored much of the time.

This from a weekly newsletter for and by kids grades K-12, where student’s research is published in order to help other K-12 students.  Accounts of the civil war from children’s points of view are always easier for other students to understand.

This is a glossary of sorts of slang used by people during the civil war.  The terms are informative as well as entertaining, and students would most likely enjoy reading them.

This is a coloring book of civil war images, and while it may seem a little too easy for fifth graders, they have very good examples of what different uniforms looked like and provide good visuals.

A website with great information for kids that is easy to navigate and understand.  Could be used for reports or projects.

For Teachers

A great resource with many original documents, descriptions of battles, samples of civil-war era music, and a lot of useful information and images that could be used in a lesson.

This is a collection of civil-war era photographs that teachers could use in power-points or on bulletin boards as visuals.

This could be used by teachers to organize how they would teach their lessons.

A collection of mini trivia quizzes that teachers can use in the classroom or base their own quizzes on.

This is a site made with lesson plans and fun activities that teachers can use, it has some really creative ideas for things students can do!

Another comprehensive website that has information, photographs, illustrations, timelines, and original documents teachers can use in the classroom.

Matthew Brady was a renowned photojournalist from the civil war era that candidly shot images from battles, the aftermath of battles, and the people involved in the war.  The photographs could be used in the classroom, but the link probably should not be given directly to the students, as some of the photographs are rather graphically violent.

This is a lesson plan for teachers where they would have their students work in groups to create a newsletter, or “gazette,” about the civil war.

This is a great resource for teachers, where children’s literature concerning the civil war is listed and reviewed for classroom use.

This is a website both for teachers and students, where they will learn how to analyze a civil war photograph.  There is a section for teachers, where it is explained how to teach this to a class, and then there is a step by step lesson for students.

A lesson plan for teachers with information about how to present the material to students, as well as have fun activities that the class can do.

Another lesson plan site, this one has activities for every section that students will study.  Activities are a great way for kids to have fun while they’re learning about the subject, so it’s great a lot of ideas are presented.

Lesson plans again, but this one also has visuals that teachers could use in power-points or with their class to give them examples of what life was like back then.

More activities for students, with great ideas that students at the 5th grade level could really get involved with and learn from.

This is an activity teachers can assign their students where the students pretend they are someone living during the era of the civil war, and write a diary from that point of view.